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Lace and Velvet Aso Ebi Styles for Weddings


Wadup babes, I’ve gat new combination of aso ebi styles. This is surely a nice weekend, owanbe special….ore iyawo special…….you have to rock that party…..

Lace and Velvet are mostly chosen for the bride’s friends, if you are contemplating on styles to give your Tailor, you have them right here, I’ve made it so easy….no stress for you my dearies.

asoebi 1
Asoebi Style 1
asoebi 2
Asoebi Style 2
asoebi 3
Asoebi Style 3
asoebi 4
Asoebi Style 4
asoebi 5
Asoebi Style 5
asoebi 6
Asoebi Style 6

Make your choice and don’t hesitate to give comment in the box below

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