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Natural Hairstyles for Kids with Short Hair 2018 : Kids Hairstyles Ideas


A good hairstyle is the best form of confidence and that is why this amazing guide is here; to help you award your little princess with the crown of confidence. So, do you have a niece, a little girl or a baby sister at home? If yes, is the answer then I am sure you agree that a bad hair day is dreadful. I am sure you would not want that for your little princess.

In fact, doing your kid’s hair is great fun since it’s just like playing with the hair of a doll only that this time it’s your precious princess’ hair. If you are new to hairstyles, I am sure you are probably wondering what a hairstyle is?

Allow me to decipher!!

A hairstyle also known as hairdo is a particular arrangement of your kid’s hair. It refers to the chosen style that is used to neatly organize and present your kid’s hair.

That said, I am sure you are probably wondering why your kid actually needs a hairdo. A look at some of the benefits of a good hairstyle on your kid will go a long way at influencing your decision this season.

Why your Kid needs a Hairdo?

Let’s quickly dive in!!

  •  A good hairstyle is attractive; all beings are attracted to good hair, and a good hairstyle is the best way to make your kid to look attractive.
  • A good hairstyle will boost your child’s confidence; a good hairstyle will improve your kid’s self esteem and confidence level.
  •  A good hairdo is a perfect way to camouflage your child’s flaws and weaknesses

With that said, I am sure you are convinced that your kid needs a good hairstyle but probably wondering the hairstyles that will make your kid to look good given that she has short hair.

Here are some of the top natural hairstyles for kids with short hair.

Natural hair styles for Kids with short hair

When it comes to your kid’s hair style, always go for natural hairstyles so as to protect your child’s delicate skin. That said, here are some of the natural hair styles for kids with short hair

1. Afro Puff

This is a very simple hairdo for your kid that only needs a hair accessory and a rubber band.

2. Wash and Go

This hairstyle is the simplest of all styles because you are only required to wash your kid’s hair, fluff it and moisturize it. You can use non-alcoholic gels like flax seed gel or eco stylyer gel to create more hold.

3. Flat twist or Cornrow

This hairstyle is only applicable if you can hold some hair without actually straining your child’s head. You can create flat twists or cornrows that will give your precious doll the perfect beauty look.

4. The use of Accessories

All kids love different and colorful accessories. Any hairstyle you finally adopt, you should never forget colorful accessories.

Here are the natural hairstyles for kids with short hair ideas.

Afro Puff


Kids Braids

Flat Twists

Cornrow Braids

 Flat Twist Weave Hairstyle


Natural Hair Weave

Naturals Kids Hairstyles

Kids Hairstyles

Hairstyles For Kids Styles

Kids Hairstyles Natural

Remember, a good hairdo is the best form of confidence for your kid so, feel free to use this guide in crowning your precious kid with confidence this season.

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