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Fashion Tips for Women: You Should Try


Fashion Tips for Women: Fashion and style is something you can’t really pinpoint or generalize, as there are so many style options out there, and most importantly, it’s different for everyone, but no matter what style we live by, we can all use some help and gain useful tips to make our looks just that little bit more defined.

Fashion Tips for Women

Here are just a few fashion tips for women that will help you make sure you’re stepping out in style.

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Fashion Tips For Women

  • Plan It Out

Planning your outfits don’t just happen for pivotal events in our lives like weddings or familial ceremonies, even just going out for a routine grocery run can present you with new opportunities (or new dates) if your outfit is eye-catching enough. So plan ahead the night before, not only will this save you time preparing, but it saves you the headache, too.

You can put your chosen clothes aside, or if you’ve basically got your closet catalogue memorized, mix and match them in your head. Document the matches and combinations that you’ve liked before. If you’re unsure, take a quick look at your Instagram, since there’s a great chance that you’ve snapped a photo of your favourite outfit of the day before.

  • Stay Inspired

With so many social media platforms allowing celebrities and the regular person to post photographs of their aesthetics online, you’ll never run out of inspiration. Your outfits don’t have to match their exorbitant price tags, but it’s so easy to go out there and experiment with clothes that resemble your style icon’s choices.

With everyone’s different style options readily available for you, you can try new things without feeling intimidated, and you’ll most likely see a look you’ve been excited to try on someone with the same body shape as yours. You’ll feel confident enough to try something new. Fear and trepidation gone!

  • When In Doubt

We all have off days where seemingly everything refuses to work or just nothing looks good on you. If you’re stressed out and anxious about what to wear, try to overdress. Often it’s just our anxieties and our tendency to over think that cause us to sabotage our outfit of the day. You’ll see that by the end of the event, your choice to overdress actually saved you a lot of time and inadvertently saved you in a fashion emergency.

If you feel as though you’ve actually overdone your overdressing, then try to pair your ensemble with casual clothing items such as jeans or shorts so that there’s a healthy balance. Spruce it up with some good boots or a trusty pair of black pumps and you’re ready to get out there.

  • Challenge Yourself

Staying on the safe side and in your comfort zone won’t do much for your style, in fact, you’ve trapped yourself in a place where you won’t see progress or transformation, but if you challenge yourself and try new things, you will never experience a stagnant fashion moment. Experimenting can lead you to new discoveries of great combinations and even aid in body confidence.

This will help you discover new colors that work on your natural color palette or help you discover new clothes that work on your body shape. If you’re used to not showing any skin if at all, try to shed the layers and try something new. Used to dress a little more on the daring side? Try out the new baggy shirt and short shorts trend. If you’re used to being colorful, try darker more mysterious colour palettes, and vice versa!

  • Accessorize

No matter how simple your outfit seems, just the implementation of some dazzling rings or a plethora of them if you so desire, can upgrade your look from just a frumpy day out to a more enhanced classier version of the casual neutral.

Same goes with a few accent bangles, dainty but eye-catching necklaces or hoop earrings.

Bust out your favourite brightly coloured sunnies to protect yourself from the sun but to upgrade your look to something fierce and flashy Done up or not, jewellery and accessories can heighten your look without much of a hassle.

If you aren’t the jewellery type of girl, you can divert your attention to your hair and do it up, after all, a perfect mane can be just as eye-catching.

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