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Latest Braided Hairstyles 2020: Top 10 Best Braided Hairstyles


Braids are loved by all ladies. Every lady wants to look stylish and beautiful,with a nice hairstyle 50 percent of that is covered. Braids are very versatile hairstyles so one doesn’t necessarily have to worry about anything. The only thing one can worry about is the style of braid to make and that’s because there are different styles and pattern making the round these days.

There is nothing that’s not to be loved about braided hairstyles. Firstly,they are protective hairstyles. They protect the hair from harsh conditions and are very suitable for ladies with natural hair. Secondly,it requires low maintenance and lasts long. Thirdly,most braided hairstyles are cost effective. And of course, they are beautiful,stylish and totally amazing.

So if you are thinking of the next braid hairstyle to try on,then here are excellent ideas for you to pick from. I have selected the most stylish and beautiful braid hairstyles to give you satisfying options. With new braid styles coming out each time,one can never go out of style.

Top 10 Best Braided Hairstyles

Crotchet Locs Braids

Latest Braided Hairstyles

This is a locs braid. It is done with a crotchet latch hook. They have actually existed for quite sometime and are becoming the trend these days. They also last long and are easy to maintain.

Box Braids

Latest Braided Hairstyles

Box Braids are very common due to its protective ability. They are really beautiful and gorgeous and can be styled differently. Classic box braids could be long,short,medium,curly or even straight.

Ghana braids

Latest Braided Hairstyles

Ghana braids are a form of protective hairstyles. They are a type of feed-in cornrows. This braids come in different patterns and styles. They are very lovely.

Senegalese Twist

Latest Braided Hairstyles

This twist comes in two strands and are tightly woven. They are medium sized twist and look amazing.

Jumbo Braids

Latest Braided Hairstyles

Jumbo braids are bigger sized box braids. They are also very convenient and chic.

Fulani Braids

Latest Braided Hairstyles

These braids are mainly braids with beads. They adopt the Fulani’s branding techniques. This style is very cute and unique.

Braided Shuku

Latest Braided Hairstyles

This is a very popular African Braid Hairstyle. It falls under the braided ponytail hairstyle. They are basically cornrows in a ponytail style. They are very stylish.

Colorful Braids

Latest Braided Hairstyles

Beaded Locs Braid

Latest Braided Hairstyles

Ombre Box Braids

Latest Braided Hairstyles
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